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        Stohlquist Keeper Mens PFD

        The soft, thin back panel provides the best fit and comfort when used with the tall seats/chairs found on today's kayak fishing boats. Feel & Fit Graded SizingStohlquist's Graded Sizing offers...


        NRS Women's High Tide Splash Jacket

        Product Details Whether you're paddling into the shoulder season or into the storm, the lightweight NRS Women's High Tide Jacket provides versatile protection against the elements with an articulated hood and...

        NRS Men's High Tide Splash Jacket

        From rainy days to splashy waves the NRS Men's High Tide Jacket features an articulated hood and quick-venting, half-zip neck for adaptable protection in unpredictable conditions. Lightweight HyproTex™ material provides waterproof-breathable...


        NRS Ninja 2020 PFD

        Designed for athletic performance, the NRS Ninja PFD is the ultimate low-profile jacket for paddlers of all persuasions. We've concentrated all the flotation into a smaller surface area for unbeatable range...


        Stohlquist Betsea PFD - Womens

        The women’s specific Betsea features the ergonomic WRAPTURE™ shaped torso that wraps around the body for a close, low profile, and comfortable fit. The cross-chest cinch harness keeps flotation positioned low...

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        Stohlquist Cruiser PFD - Women's

        A half mesh back, short torso and supportive cups provide women wearing the Stohlquist Cruiser an extra measure of comfort while kayaking or canoeing. Features Contoured inner cups wrap around body...

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        Stohlquist Cadence PFD - Men's

        Soft foam and Graded Sizing! The Cadence features a Thin Back Design offeringmore coverage and ensuring compatibility with any seat back style. It isperfect for use with boats that feature a higher seat...

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        Stohlquist Glide PFD - Women's

        Soft foam and Graded Sizing! The Glide features a Thin Back Design offeringmore coverage and ensuring compatibility with any seat back style. The Glide isperfect for use with boats that feature a higher...

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        Stohlquist Ebb PFD - Men's

        The men's Stohlquist Ebb PFD is a great choice for comfort, and it works well with the seat backs found in many sit-on-top and recreational kayaks. Features Durable high-denier ripstop shell...


        NRS Women's Siren PFD

        The low-profile NRS Women's Siren PFD uses a six-panel design of supple foam to wrap the body in ultra-comfy protection and create an athletic fit for optimal range of motion. 400...


        NRS Vapor PFD

        Boater's on a budget shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort. With the NRS Vapor PFD we focused our design efforts on the feel of the jacket and not the frills. Six-panel design...


        Stohlquist OSFA PFD

        The OSFA (One Size Fits All) is a terrific jacket for those looking for a simple, great fitting jacket for recreational paddling. Highly adjustable, it’s a perfect vest to share with...

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