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      Packtowl Personal Towel

      PackTowl’s Personal Towel can absorb up to four times its weight in water and dries 70% faster than comparable cotton towels making it ideal for trips to the gym or travel...

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      Packtowl Luxe Towel

      Luxurious fast-drying towel. The Luxe towel is PackTowl's most luxurious quick-drying towel available. Whether traveling, working out, camping, boating or spending time in the water, the Luxe towel offers cozy, cotton-like...

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      Packtowl Ultralite Towel

      The lightest full-sized towel. When every ounce counts, the UltraLite quick-drying towel is great for backpackers, travelers, or any minimalist who wants to pack a towel for an impromptu dip in...

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      PackTowl Original Towel

      The superabsorbent and versatile Original Packtowl® is the perfect choice for all your drying needs. Available in four sizes, the Original can be used to dry yourself, cleaning, wiping down your...