Shell Cordovan Wallet | Black by Nomad Goods

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Vendor: Nomad Goods SKU: carro-2272858

Fulfilled by our friends at Nomad. This item is a drop ship item and is coming directly from the manufacturer. Item will take 4-7 business days to ship out.

Shell Cordovan Wallet is a limited edition, handmade wallet designed to celebrate American craftsmanship and leather tanning. Made from Horween’s famous Shell Cordovan leather, this wallet will age gracefully, developing a rich patina with use. Capable of holding at least 8 cards plus folded cash, Shell Cordovan wallet fits comfortably in front or back pockets.

    • Shell Cordovan Horween leather from the USA
    • Black Shell Cordovan
    • Unique variations in leather in each wallet
    • Develops a rugged patina
    • Handmade in Chicago, USA
    • Holds 8 cards comfortably
    • Fits folded bills in rear pockets
  • Materials
    • Horween Shell Cordovan leather
    • Horween Leather logo
  • Technical
    • Closed dimensions:
      • Width: 7.8cm
      • Length: 10.2cm
      • Thickness: 1.5cm
  • Intended Use
    • Designed as a timeless wallet for everyday carry.
  • How many cards can it hold?
    Shell Cordovan Wallet can comfortably hold 2 cards in each pocket, for a total capacity of 8 cards. It is possible to fit more cards in each pocket, but that will cause the pockets to stretch and loosen over time. The two rear pockets can also fit folded bills.
  • Is each Shell Cordovan Wallet unique?
    Horween Leather's Shell Cordovan is an extremely durable leather processed by hand in Chicago, USA. The natural dyeing and finishing process results in a beautiful leather with deep colors. Each wallet's color, and the Horween Leather stamps on the wallet's interior, will be unique to the piece of Shell Cordovan used.
  • Will the leather change over time?
    Shell Cordovan is an extremely resilient leather that develops a beautiful patina with time. If desired, the mirror-like luster can be brought back over and over with careful polishing. The extremely dense fiber structure of Shell Cordovan means it does not crease or crack like other leather.
  • What makes Shell Cordovan Special?
    This leather is produced by only a few tanneries in the world, following a process pioneered by Horween in 1905. Steeped in vegetable liquors then dyed, glazed and polished by hand, Shell Cordovan leather takes over six months to tan.