Biodegradable & Compostable Dog Waste Bags by Nina Woof

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$9.99 – $28.99

60 bags (4 rolls)60 bags (4 rolls)
90 bags (6 rolls)90 bags (6 rolls)
180 bags (12 rolls)180 bags (12 rolls)
Vendor: Nina Woof SKU: carro-6128266

Fulfilled by our friends at Nina Woof

Never have to worry about your dog poop bags ripping, with these strong and durable, biodegradable waste bags. These plant-based doggie poop bags are made from corn starch and free from plastic.

Both the box and the inner roll are made from reprocessed cartons. Our package includes nine rolls of poop bags with dimensions of 13 inches in length and 9.2 inches in height, making them suitable for use with dispensers of most standard sizes.

Each poop bag has a marked opening side that makes it simple to use, and the edge has been rounded off so that it can be easily peeled away from the roll without ripping or dragging it.