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The Rules - The Way of the Cycling Discipline

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The Rules - The Way of the Cycling Discipline



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About The Rules - The Way of the Cycling Discipline


The Rules - the Way of the Cycling Discipline is an essential part of every cyclist's kit-whether you're riding to work or training to be the next Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendleton. Winning awards and gaining millions of viewers, has become an online cycling mecca. In 95 canonical rules, these masters of the peloton share tips on gear, tell stories from cycling's legendary hardmen, and enforce the etiquette of the road-with a healthy, often sinister sense of humor. Practical and motivating (Rule #12: the correct number of bikes to own is N + 1, where N is the number of bikes currently owned), unflinching and authoritative (Rule #9: If you're out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.), The Rules will help readers find their cycling passion, whether it's in high alpine passes or tight velodrome races, in the garage before the ride or in the bar afterward. Vive la Vie Velominatus.
  • Wickedly Funny - road riding guidelines
  • The Velominati embrace cycling as a way of life, as obsessed with style, heritage, authenticity, and wisdom as with performance. This is their bible.
  • Are you a rider or a poser? No matter - This book will be enjoyed by anyone with an ironic sense of humor
  • 95 Rules to help you be a better road biker
  • Hard Core Road Biking Rules to live by - see where you stand
  • Velominati Lifestyle will become apparent as you read this book
  • WORD WARNING - this book contains words that might make you blush - don't let young children near this book!
  • Favorite Rule - #62 'You Shall Not Ride With Earphones' -watch out for "...gleaming black monkeys".
  • About the Authors - An elite group of cyclists that are trying very hard to keep it real and inline, when not involved with subversive and nefarious plots. They have dreams of taking over the world after everyone reads this book.
  • Foreward by biking Hall of Famer - Greg LeMond
  • Authors - Velominati - Keepers of the Cog, Frank Stack, Brett Kennedy, John Andrews, Mark Carlson, & Jim Thompson
  • Binding - Hard
  • Pages - 304
  • Publisher - W.W. Norton
  • Year - 2014 First American Edition
  • ISBN - 97809393242195