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ReviveX Down Cleaner

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ReviveX Down Cleaner


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About ReviveX Down Cleaner


Gently restores loft and warmth to down jackets, sleeping bags, comforters and pillows. Unlike household laundry soaps, this specialized commercial-grade formula cleans without detergents and preserves the natural oils in down. The choice of top down jacket, sleeping bag and comforter manufacturers. 12 oz.

Directions: Follow manufacturer's instructions. If unavailable, use the following guidelines. Spot clean heavily soiled areas. Shake bottle before use.

Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle): Use a front-loading washing machine for sleeping bags or other large items. See table below for settings.
1. Close zippers and Velcro™ tabs
2. Add Down Cleaner to empty washer according to table below
3. Load item into washer; use gentle cycle & warm water
4. Run an additional spin cycle before drying
5. See drying instructions below

Hand Wash: Use tub or basin.
1. Mix Down Cleaner with warm water according to table below
2. Compress item to remove air & place in water
3. Wash item. Gently knead, removing dirt & stains
4. Rinse item repeatedly until water runs clear (at least 3 times)
5. Gently compress or roll item to expel water.
6. Place in washing machine; use 2 spin cycles to remove excess water before drying



Jacket, pillow or small garment
Down Cleaner:1oz. (6 capfuls)
Water:5 gallons (hand wash)
Machine Setting:SMALL or LOW
Sleeping bag or comforter
Down Cleaner:4oz. (1/2 bottle)
Water:20 gallons (hand wash)
Machine Setting: LARGE or HIGH

Drying: Proper drying is essential for best results. For maximum loft and to avoid damage, use a large commercial dryer on LOW HEAT. Note: High heat or small (home) dryers can melt synthetic fabrics, causing severe damage. Clean tennis balls may be added to dryer to break up down clumps. Check progress periodically.