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Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Tablets

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Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Tablets


$12.00 Item #: 84988
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1 pack


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About Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Tablets


Osprey's Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Tablets clean with effervescent action and remove bacteria and odors in even the hardest to reach corners of your reservoir without harming the material, leaving any nasty tastes or harsh chemicals behind. Fill your reservoir half full or water bottle completely full with warm water, drop 1 tablet in and screw on the cap; let stand for 5 min. Dissolve and then shake to mix, Let your reservoir or bottle stand for 15 min., then drain and rinse with clean water. All natural, biodegradable and chlorine free. For a safe and clean reservoir dont forget to pack along your Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Tablets!
  • 1 tablet cleans 2L or 3L reservoir
  • All natural, biodegradable and chlorine free
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Sold as individual tablet or in a 10 tablet tube
  • Works with water containers made of plastics, metals and others