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McNett Tactical Gruntline Deluxe Multifunctional Elastic Cord

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McNett Tactical Gruntline Deluxe Multifunctional Elastic Cord


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About McNett Tactical Gruntline Deluxe Multifunctional Elastic Cord


The McNett Gruntline Deluxe is one of those things that once you use it you will realize that you needed this all along. Tactical gear needs to be versatile in order to earn its place in your rucksack. When you need a single piece of gear that serves hundreds of uses, turn to the Gruntline™ Multifunctional Elastic Cord by McNett® Tactical. Gruntline is a flexible utility line that stretches up to 7 ft. This braided cord holds up to 20 lbs. and is ideal for use as a lanyard, clothesline, tie-down strap, pack strap-you name it.

Plus, Gruntline has a wide array of medical uses including arm sling, I.V. support and tourniquet. You'll find more uses for this high-performance utility line than any other piece of gear.

So ditch the dangerous bungee cords and grab this indispensable tool. Trust us-you'll be glad you grabbed a Gruntline by McNett Tactical.
  • McNett Gruntline Deluxe Multifunctional Elastic Utility Cord
  • Elastic Cord Offers Hundreds of Uses for Armed Services and just about anyone else in the outdoors
  • Braided Utility Line Holds Up To 20 lbs.
  • Flexible Line Stretches Up To 7 ft.
  • Attaches To Itself or Other Objects
  • Holds Maps, Photos, Flashlights, Clothing, Water Bottles, Helmets, MREs and GPS Devices
  • Use as a Clothesline, Tie-Down Strap, Foxhole Line, Camouflage Holder, Belt or Retention Line
  • Emergency Uses Include I.V. Support, Arm Sling, Water Drip Line, Animal Snare or Sling Shot
  • Packs Small - 5.5"x3
  • Plastic attaching clips at either end
  • Unstretched Length - 48"
  • Weight - 2 oz.