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Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System
  • Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System
  • Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System
  • Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System
  • Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

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Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System


$99.95 Item #: 87281
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About Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System


Jetboil's Flash™ Personal Cooking System includes a heat-transfer system to increase output and fuel efficiency as well as thermocromic stripes on the cup that change color when hot so you know when your contents are ready. The translucent FluxRing cooking cup doubles as a measuring cup with easy-to-read lines and a translucent drink-through lid so you can see when your contents are boiling. It's both stylish and functional, integrating the personal cooking cup and stove for compact set up and fast storage with your choice of great colors!
  • Temperature indicator is integrated into the 3 stripes of the neoprene cozy to show you when the cup contents are hot.
  • Indicator light turns yellow when the water is getting warm and you are close to boil time.
  • Fluxring® heat exchanger on the bottom of the cooking cup creates excellent fuel efficiency.
  • A translucent drink through lid lets you check on the contents of the cup so you can check if your water is boiling.
  • Translucent measuring cup with easy to read lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup.
  • Adjustable flame burner is housed in a windscreen, reducing heat loss when windy.
  • Neoprene cozy on the cooking cup stays in place without melting, insulating the stove and increasing it's efficiency.
  • Wire valve bail allows for easy flame adjustment and simmer control even when wearing gloves.
  • Tunnel pocket on the cozy holds utensils or Jetboil hanging kit (Campmor sku# 87266).
  • Stabilizer attaches to the fuel canister (not included) widening the stove base to insure stability.
  • The cooking cup stores the burner as well as a fuel canister.
  • Size: 7.1" x 4.5" x 4.1"
  • Weight: 15.25 oz.
  • Fuel: Butane/Propane Canister
  • Fuel Capacity: 225 g canister
  • Burn Time: (Max) 42 min. / 100g canister
  • Average boil time: 2 min. 42 sec./ 0.5L water.


Weight w/o Fuel
15.25 oz 432.33 grams
7.1" x 4.5" x 4.1"
Fuel Type(s)
iso butane
Avg. Boil Time
2 min. 42 sec for .5 Liter
Burn Time
42 min. 100 gram canister