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Black Diamond Camalot X4

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Black Diamond Camalot X4



List Price: $74.95
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About Black Diamond Camalot X4


The Black Diamond Camalot X4 is a durable versatile 4-lobed caming unit that combines stacked axle technology with a narrow head width and integrated cam springs to offer more expansion range than any small cam on the market.
  • Double axle (in 0.75, 0.5, 0.4 sizes) or Stacked Axle (in 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 sizes) provides unparalleled expansion range
  • Narrow head width. Cam springs embedded in the cam lobes allow for ultra narrow head width that fits in more places than ever before
  • Armored cable - Aluminum beads add protection and durability without compromising stem flexibility.
  • Hot Forged trigger bar for great ergonomics and durability not possible with a cast trigger bar.
  • Size range.1 - 0.33-0.54in (8.4-13.8mm) .2 - 0.39-0.65in (9.9-16.5mm.3 - 0.49-083in (12.4-21.2mm).4 - 0.61-1.05in (15.5-26.6mm) .5 - 0.78-1.33in (19.8-33.7mm).75 - 0.94-1.62in (24-41.2mm)
  • Weight: .1 - 1.8oz (51g).2 - 1.9oz (54g).3 - 2.7oz (75g).4 - 2.9oz (82g).5 - 3.2oz (91g).75 - 4oz (112g)
  • Strength: .1 - 5kN (1,124lbf).2 - 6kN (1,349lbf).3 - 8kN (1,798lbf).4 - 10kN (2,248lbf).5 - 10kN (2,248lbf).75 - 10kN (2,248lbf)