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Sleeping Bag Insulation and Care Guide

Deciding on the right sleeping bag shouldn't keep you up nights. When you look at all the different sleeping bags available today, it's enough to make anyone confused. The bag you purchase should suit your personal needs, as well as your outdoor environment.

Step 1: Sleeping Bags to consider for your typical camping style:
1. Sleeping Bags for RV or Car Camping:
Since you won't be carrying your sleeping bag, weight isn't a major factor. Concentrate on warmth, comfort, and leg room.
2. Sleeping Bags for Backpacking:
The last thing you need is a heavy, bulky sleeping bag to tote around. Look for a warm, lightweight, compactible bag.
3. Canoe Camping Sleeping Bags:
Since you know you're going to be in a wet environment, a warm, moisture-resistant, quick-drying bag is what you'll need. Remember, waterproof stuff sacks and travel bags can spring leaks
4. Sleeping Bags for Extreme Camping:
For hard-core campers weight, warmth, compactness, and moisture-resistance are critical considerations.

Step 2: Consider performance insulations:
1. Down Sleeping Bags

Down is still warmest for a given fill weight and stuffs smaller than any other material. With care, a good down bag might withstand twice the use of a synthetic-filled sleeping bag before the loft deteriorates. Down's Achilles heel - it becomes useles when soaked - limits its use to people carefully committed to keeping their bags dry on the trail.

2. Hollofil?? 808 Sleeping Bags

High-loft value insulation provides extra warmth.
WARM: Made of 100% Dacron?? polyester, hollow core one-hole fibers that trap more air for greater warmth.
COMFORTABLE: Compared to unbranded, solid core polyester fibers, HOLLOFIL 808 provides 10% more loft and therefore more warmth at equal weight.
DURABLE: Consistency in insulation loft, fiber content, and thermal value regulated by DuPont Quality Control Program.
EASY-CARE: Extremely durable, completely non-allergic, machine washable and dryable; may be dry cleaned. See manufacturer's label for specific instructions.
RECOMMENDED USE: Car or RV camping, warm weather or three-season camping, wet conditions. Check manufacturer's temperature rating to assist in selecting a sleeping bag.

3. Hollofil?? II Sleeping Bags

High-loft, high performance soft insulation.
WARM: Made of 100% Dacron?? polyester, four-hole coated fibers that trap more air for greater warmth.COMFORTABLE: Compared to unbranded, solid core polyester fibers, HOLLOFIL II provides 10% more loft at equal weight. Coated fibers provide greater bag compactibility and a soft, supple feel for greater comfort.
DURABLE: Consistency in insulation loft, fiber content, and thermal value regulated by DuPont Quality Control Program.
EASY-CARE: Extremely durable, completely non-allergic, machine washable and dryable; may be dry cleaned. See manufacturer's label for specific instructions.
RECOMMENDED USE: RV, car camping, winter camping, hiking and backpacking, wet conditions. Check manufacturer's temperature ratings to assist in selecting a sleeping bag.

4. Quallofil?? Sleeping Bags

The high-performance alternative to down.
WARM: 7-hole fibers trap and hold body heat. Special fiber coating increases compactibility and eliminates gaps where warm air can escape.
MOISTURE RESISTANT: Quallofil retains insulating value even when damp and dries three times faster than down.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Soft and supple, Quallofil offers superior loft without added weight. Coated fibers provide more compactibility than continuous filament polyester insulations.
EASY-CARE: Extremely durable, completely non-allergic, machine washable and dryable; may be dry cleaned. See manufacturer's label for specific instructions.
RECOMMENDED USE: Winter or extreme camping, backpacking, wet conditions.

5. Polarguard HV Sleeping Bags

Polarguard HV (High Void Continuous Filament). The fiber has a 22% curved triangular void in the cross-section. Being high void continuous filament polyester it traps greater quantities of air than solid synthetic fibers, creating a barrier that captures and retains body heat more effectively. Polarguard HV is the only fiber insulation offering these remarkable advantages:

o Very Durable Synthetic Insulation
o Superior Warmth
o Superior Loft (even when wet)
o 25% Lighter than Standard Polarguard
o Fast Drying
o Moisture Resistant
o Machine Washable
o Non-Shifting
o No Lumps or Cold Spots
o Highly Compressible
o Odor Free
o Non-Allergenic
o Mildew and Fungus Free
o Insect Resistant
o Long Lasting

Fabrication Advantages
o Uniform Coverage
o Scrim Not Required
o Carrier Fabric Not Required
o Resists Percolation

6. Polarguard 3D Sleeping Bags

All the benefits of Polarguard HV plus it's the lightest, highest-lofting and most compressible synthetic insulation ever made. It eliminates cold spots by resisting separation.

Polarguard 3D is made from a continuous filament fiber which keeps it from pulling apart, clumping or matting. Each fiber is made with an exclusive high-void triangular cross section that prevents fiber collapse, enabling Polarguard 3D to retain loft in years of use.

To achieve a down like softness, the filament denier of Polarguard 3D has been decreased by 40%. This results in a softer and more silky fiber, without compromising durability. With it's high-void hollow fiber design, (the only curved triangular cross section on the market) Polarguard 3D fibers won't collapse. You can stuff it into a pack, wash it, dry it and sleep on it, and the fiber springs back to its original loftiness.

Step 3: Purchase the perfect sleeping bag from the Campmor Sleeping Gear page!

Step 4: Sleeping Bag Care for Your Down/Synthetic Sleeping Bag:

Sleeping Bag Stuffing:

Many customers ask us if it is better to stuff or to roll their sleeping bags. We suggest stuffing, that way the bag???s insulation is pushed and fluffed differently each time. Unzip the bag, grab a corner and push it firmly into the bottom of the stuff sack. Keep grabbing and stuffing until the sleeping bag is completely into the stuff sack. Unstuff as soon as camp is set up or the trip is completed.

Storing Your Sleeping Bag:

This is one part of sleeping bag care that can definitely affect bag performance. Synthetic bags keep their loft longer when properly stored. Your goal is to store the bag in as ???relaxed??? a state as possible. Stuff sacks are only meant to keep the bag manageable and dry during trips. They are not meant for permanent bag storage. One of the best ways to store sleeping bags is in breathable storage sacks specifically designed for that purpose. These storage sacks keep the bags clean and allow the insulation to expand and maintain its lofting ability. Sleeping bags can also be stored loosely folded on a shelf in a cabinet or a closet, or they can be hung upside down by the seam loops (provided on most models). Your sleeping bag should not be stored near heat sources or in overly warm areas such as an automobile (especially during hot weather). Overly hot conditions can harm the loft in synthetic bags by altering the lay of the fibers. Your bag should be kept dry, non-compressed, as clean as possible and safe from excessive heat.

Cleaning Your Sleeping Bag:

DO NOT DRY CLEAN YOUR SLEEPING BAG. The manufacturers of our synthetic and down fills inform us that solvents and fumes used in cleaning may be retained in the insulation and if inhaled, could produce skin irritation, allergic reaction, or possibly serious physical injury.

Machine Washing & Drying:

We suggest washing the bag in a front loading (non-agitator), heavy duty, commercial washer. Use a mild detergent. We suggest using ?? to ?? as much detergent as instructed on the container, depending on how soiled the bag is. Do not use bleach. Use cool or cold water setting, delicate or gentle cycle. For best results, run the bag through one or two extra rinse cycles without detergent. Remove from washer carefully in a bundle. Dry in a commercial dryer at low heat or AIR setting (must be less than 125??F). Excessive heat will damage fabric and insulation. Remove promptly and lay flat until cool. The bag may also be line dried after being sufficiently spin dried to remove most of the water.

Hand Washing & Drying:

Place bag and mild detergent in a clean bathtub. Fill the tub enough to cover bag sufficiently with cool water and massage the detergent throughout the bag until thoroughly cleaned (be prepared to spend 12 to 15 minutes of massaging here). Lightly scrub the outside of the shell with a soft brush if there are any extra-heavily soiled areas. Drain the dirty water and gently press excess dirty water out of the bag. Do not wring the bag. Refill with clean water, massage again, kneading the clean water throughout. Drain, press out excess water and repeat if necessary until water runs clear. After final rinse, remove bag from tub carefully (if too much water is left in the bag, strain may be placed on the insulation???s stitching) and place on flat surface (floor or ground) on towels or old sheets to keep bag clean until it air dries. As bag begins to dry, turn occasionally, and when bag nears complete dryness, shake periodically to restore loft. With down, be certain to break up clumps or they will dry hard and be difficult to separate.

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